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Environmental Services

Environmental Services, Site Assessments and Wetlands Issues Environmental issues are one of the fastest growing and most costly problems property owners face today. An issue of possible contamination can make a property impossible to sell, and many property transfers or sales now require an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), for the transaction to be completed. An ESA examines the site, both physically and historically to determine if hazardous wastes are likely to be a problem. When such wastes are found, testing is done and proper remediation methods outlined. If remediation is required, such as removal of underground fuel storage tanks and/or contaminated soils, we can accomplish this through arrangements with construction companies.

Industrial Liquid Waste Pre-treatment is required of many manufacturing facilities by local governments in order to remove substances that are harmful to typical municipal waste treatment processes. We can design pre-treatment systems to remove toxic wastes and allow discharge into public systems.

Wetlands, which are regulated by the Corps of Engineers, can be confusing and difficult to deal with. Developers of all kinds are now being faced with expensive and complicated wetlands regulations, but when addressed early with correct and innovative methods developing around a wetland need not be a project killer! Wetlands impact needs to be examined in the early phases of project planning so as not to become a problem later.

Archaeological discoveries made when excavating, can trigger the provisions of the American Antiquities Act. While not archaeologists, REO Engineering has amateur status in this field and can help recognize and identify artifacts. It is often possible to work around artifact fields without the delay incurred by triggering a full-scale archaeological study.

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