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Flood Insurance Studies and FEMA Map Revisions

               NOT A PROBLEM FOR US!

Flood Insurance Studies Are you a homeowner, real estate agent or mortgage lender who is faced with a flood mapping issue? Are you paying flood insurance, even though your property has never flooded? Have you suddenly been notified that a FEMA map revision has found that your property is now in a flood zone? We can be of assistance.

REO Engineering has been involved with the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Mapping program since it began. These maps are frequently inaccurate, but modifications to the maps are allowed with proper studies done by certified engineers.

We have performed hundreds of such studies, AND have a Floodplain Manager on staff. We will provide you with our opinion regarding a study for your property, along with a quote for your study, at no cost with a telephone call.

For individual homeowners, we generally find the cost to exempt a house or structure from a flood zone designation is equivalent to one to three years of flood insurance premiums. Further, if you have been paying flood insurance and we successfully remove the insured property, you may be entitled to a refund of some or all of your paid premiums!

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