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Legal and Forensic Investigations for Attorneys, Contractors and Property Owners

Legal and Forensic Investigations Forensic, or legal, investigations in civil engineering can range from investigations of accidents to analysis of structural failures to contract violations.

Accident investigations usually involve reconstruction of the event, determination of applicable engineering standards, or building codes, and assignment of probable fault. Accidents may be small, such as a trip and fall, or catastrophic, such as an accidental death at a construction site. In all cases, a carefully researched engineering report can be used by all sides in arguing legal responsibility.

Structural failures require analysis from an engineering design view and from analysis of construction techniques. We have provided forensic reports on projects as large as the foundation failure of a very large retail building costing millions of dollars to build, and pavement failures in multi acre parking lots, to projects as small as a failed retaining wall. When requested, these investigations will recommend remedial actions and provide estimates of probable costs.

Construction projects frequently cannot be completed due to contractor and/or owner problems in contract execution. When a project fails, it is typically necessary to obtain a neutral third party forensic investigation to determine causes of failure, and to recommend methods to get the project completed. It is necessary for the analyst to be completely familiar with construction contract documents and have general familiarity with contract law.

When forensic investigations end up as trial documents, we are prepared to act as an expert witness both in deposition and on the witness stand. Our reports are carefully researched, solid documents. Our clientele includes individuals, attorneys, contractors, bonding companies and governmental entities.

We have the expertise you need to make your case!

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