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Manufacturers Site Selection Service

If you are planning to locate your manufacturing facility in the Midwestern United States, either as a new venture, a lateral move within the United States, or a move to the United States from another country, we can provide all the assistance you will need to make your move a success. Our team of consultants represents the wide variety of specialists necessary to analyze your particular requirements and find the best fit for your operation. We are familiar with building code regulations, the variety of financial incentives offered by local and state governmental jurisdictions, legal requirements for operating in the United States, labor law and other key aspects of manufacturing here. We can find the right site for you, design your facility, build your facility, and help you staff your facility.

Foreign Manufacturers.

The United States is the world's largest market. If you manufacture a product in your country and sell it here, it may be cost-beneficial to produce closer to your destination market. The USA has a highly skilled labor force with high productivity. The cost of labor is frequently less than that found in other developed market countries. The Midwest United States is generally considered to be one of the most desirable manufacturing areas in the country with our stable labor and management pool, and lower overall production costs. Transporting finished goods to all parts of North America is easily accomplished from our central location by ground, air or water.

We have the following representatives available for inquiries in Europe:
Germany - Diplo-Ing. Edmund Haas [09 303 9072-0]
    Architekten Roth+Haas  
France - Ing. Christophe Watrelot [33 320 05 37 06]
    Email: [Mobile 33 6 17 56 29 58]
Switzerland - Andreas Isler [04 44 22 0853]
Scandinavia - Erik Golden [47 69 19 7906]
You may also contact us directly through our web site from anywhere in the world. Please feel free to use your native language when communicating in writing; we will translate as necessary. If you wish to place a telephone call to us, please be prepared to communicate in English. If you need to talk with us in a language other than English, please send a request to the web site and we will locate the appropriate person to call you. Our office hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, United States Central Standard Time, or 14.00 - 23.00 GMT.

Our Team

We have assembled our team of experts from a variety of specialties applicable to manufacturing site selection and industrial development. Each team member is a private consultant with their own resources available to produce the desired results. If we do not already have the professionals needed for your project, we will locate them.

Roy E. Obermiller, P.E. , Team Leader. Licensed professional civil engineer in the States of Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Florida. Experienced in all phases of commercial and industrial development.

Aaron Obermiller, P.E. Licensed professional civil engineer in the State of Missouri. Experienced in transportation systems analysis and design.

Jason Boehner, MSArch. Architect. Experienced in commercial building design and construction.

Anthony Meister, P.E. Licensed professional civil engineer in the States of Missouri and Kansas. Experienced structural designer and building codes analyst.

Otto J. Kruger, P.E. Licensed professional civil engineer in the States of Missouri and Kansas. Experienced in geotechnical engineering analysis and design.

Joey Gonzales, BSEE. Electrical engineer. Experienced in electrical systems and standby power generation.

Stephen Lehnardt, JD. Attorney. Experienced in business law for foreign entities.

Greg Finley, BS Geography, MS Urban Planning, Licensed real estate broker in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa.

Curtis Williams, CPA. Accountant. Experienced in manufacturing accounting procedures and tax law.

Damon Travis, D.O. Medical doctor. Experienced in general medicine and medical insurance.

Steve Lagar. Videographer. Experienced in training film production, advertising.

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